Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fine times at the lovely old police house with good people.. also Rhodri and Mark were AMAZING!

Nice review from Tom Hollingworth and NARC.

If this jam put excitement and encouragement into the audience’s blood, Edinburgh’s Rhian Thompson concluded the bill by putting a chill back into it with an eerie piece complete with indistinct voices (wound and rewound live on a handheld tape recorder), klaxons, and doll rattles. With the daylight fading fast outside of the window, Thompson used these sounds, supported by synthesised drones and pedal notes, in an interrupted and less repetitive way; not allowing any certainty to establish itself in the mind of the listener. She concludes this instrumental, reaching the maximum tension, by sustaining a loud high-pitch feedback, defeating some listeners into shielding their cocleas. It has been another delectable edition to the history of Davies’ Hauskonzerts for sure.

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