Sunday, 28 February 2016

coming soooooon......

Giant Tank: traversing maps of weirdness and forbidden zones since 2000.

The BBC Scottish Symphony orchestra's former maestro trades in his tuxedo and baton for a heavy coat of improvisation weaved from one half of Hockyfrilla's sinewaves and a cattleprod charged with scuzz by the same Edinburgh free noise authority.

"Um, well ’cause I don’t really do that sort of thing anyway. But um, yeah, I don’t know. They don’t really do anything like that tonal or anything like that. So I mean yeah, I probably wouldn’t do that sort of thing anyway."

Can disciples of broken prattle and antiquated magnetic tape ever successfully shoehorn themselves from their lo-fidelity slacks and into the tight fitting chinos of a contemporary laptop apprentice or would their penchant for murk and sloth paunch give them away as dilettantes? Nikita says "It's all gone digital now, innit", but maybe we'll see about that.....

WED 6TH APR 2016.
The Safari Lounge, 21 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5SN .
Doors= 7:30pm. Cost= £5.

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