Friday, 3 January 2014

some ole ckdh stuff

 Yr Putrid Eyeballs (Poot Records)






Summer Trance (Total Vermin)

CK Dexter Haven - Summer Trance

'Its called ckdh “summer trance” and is also released by the ubiquitous Total Vermin (this time, number  47).  This is totally my cup of tea.  Strong, black, with insects in it.  The second side begins with scratching and a feedback Larson-squalk that makes me think of Hockyfrilla, thats why I thought it might be the same' - Jorge

'This is Hockyfrilla and Barbarians' Rhian Thompson's summer album. That being the case, I can only assume that her aestival activities consist of whiting out and falling into paranoid, delusional sleep under bushes in the ornamental gardens of power stations. Insectoid-acoustic scrape and scratch and a dissonant cloud of generator drone unsettle and disturb. The more I listen, the surer I am that it is her best work so far, and imbued with a certain beauty... but not the kind that I'd ever like to look at.' - Total Vermin

Feld Mose

CK Dexter Haven - Feld Mose

'..delivering up waves of shingle shimmer, sine wave float and hard beans slowly rolling around a large drum. The longest track on here, the opener, dissolves into silence for the best part of five minutes only to emerge on the second track in the kind of high pitched whistles that bemuse dogs. For the most part, the rest of Feld Mose consists of barely heard sine waves in to which the mandible chatter of insects is folded, factory hum and the drilling of sensitive teeth. It’s a winning combination.' - Idwal Fisher

The Y BEND/CK Dexter Haven/Usurper - Live Cuts

Servants of Culture, Drinkers of Pearls Volume III (V/A Total Vermin)

Various Artists - Servants of Culture, Drinkers of Pearls Volume III

Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides with ckdh (Split with Fria Konstellation, Rayon Recs)

The Speech Organs (V/A Unverified)

Doing the Right Thing Takes the Emptiness Away (V/A Pjorn)

Various Artists - Doing the Right Thing Takes the Emptiness Away

Usurper vs. CK Dexter Haven - War in Miniature

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